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Looking for a powerful netbook

by on Jun.27, 2010, under Web & Tech

I want to get a 10 inch laptop/netbook  for my dad.  I want something small and powerful (so that it can handle all the chinese fonts he will be using).  I also need to get him chinese window OS…..Any suggestion?

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Final Stage of Deck building

by on Jun.26, 2010, under Life

I have not touch the deck after framing was completed last week.  One of the reason was $$.  Since the day I started the project, I only buy the materials when I need it.  Couple reason:
1)  I have no storage
2) I have no $$
3) There is a Home Depot 10 min. away from my house.

Even during framing, I will buy 10 pieces at a time. (That is how much I can fit in my tiny car.)  Once I finish, I will just drive to Home Depot and get more.  (I think most of the people in the lumber area recognize me now).

As I enter the final Stage of Deck building (Putting Deck Board on the frame).  I need a lot of lumber.  I check the flyer every week since the day I started the project,  hoping it will go on sale.  I waited…..waited…..waited…..I told myself that I already stop building  for a week.  If I don’t continue this week, I may not finish before the deadline (July 1).  I told myself that I will wait until the flyer came  on Thursday night.  If they don’t go on sale, I will just buy them using my credit card.  Thank God…..the wait is over.

10% off on Cedar deck board……also no interest no payment for 12 month with Home Depot credit card.  Jackpot.  I went to Home Depot last night.  Order all the material I needed to finish the job.  They will be delivery on Monday.  (So I don’t have to rent a truck and do it myself)

I will go to Home Depot and order railing with Joyce tomorrow because all railings are also 10% off.  Now I have one year to pay off my deck.

Thank God…..give me a week to rest up and ready to start working again on Monday.

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World Cup and Work

by on Jun.22, 2010, under Life, Work

What do you do if your co-workers are watching the game online @ work?
1) Watch the game with them
2) Ignore them and keep working
3) Don’t want to watch the game but Internet is too slow to work….(Because your co-workers are watching the game and tie up all the bandwidth.


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This is my office parking lot

by on Jun.20, 2010, under Life, Work

This is my office parking lot at Sunday 5:30 PM.  “Police have confirmed that a pilot is dead after his plane crashed into a parking lot close to Buttonville airport”.  For more information, please see the toronto star

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Coming Soon…

by on Jun.20, 2010, under Family, Life, Photo

 Do you think I can finish it on time?

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Where is the thunderstorms?

by on Jun.20, 2010, under Family

We cancelled our trip to the zoo yesterday due to the risk of thunderstorms.  The Weather Network predicted that shower/rain would start at 7am yesterday morning.  Thanks to the “accurate” forecast, the rain started at 7pm.  It was sunny for the entire day.  We went to the mall instead.

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Not going to the zoo Tomorrow

by on Jun.18, 2010, under Family, Life

Due to weather (risk of thunderstorms) we are not going to the zoo with Jayden.  But that does not mean I have more time to build the deck.  Sucks……………..

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