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Moving (in the office)

by on Apr.27, 2011, under Work

There is just too much distraction in the area I am sitting. The plan was to add even more people in the area. (I don’t know what people are thinking.) Instead of arguing where to find the extra space, trying to split table in half….etc, I said f$%^ it! I am moving out of the area. You can have my desk. There is an area in the office where a lot of people are unwilling to move to becuase they think it’s small, tight and full of crap inside. Thanks to our maintenance guy, Michael, he cleaned up the area. The area is actually not that bad at all. Will take picture of the new area after setup.

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Hard Drive RIP

by on Nov.01, 2010, under Work

This morning as I walk over to my desk and I saw something on my screen.  Something is not right.  The screen is black (no blue screen of death) with the following text.  “A Disk Read Error Occurred.  Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart

My office computer’s hard drive died today.  RIP.  All my data gone.  Client’s files are in the network drive.  They are safe.  All my personal files,  6GB of archive email…..gone……
IT department ordered a new hard drive from Dell since it is under warranty.  Will send hard drive for data recovery…….

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Blog 唔 Blog

by on Oct.27, 2010, under Life, Work

好耐無 Update 個 Blog. 

1) 太忙, 忙到去 Washroom 都無時間.
2) 太 tired.  到有時間去 Update, 就想去 zzz zzz
3) 最大的問題是你知道你自己公司D 人會去看你自己個 Blog.  有時想寫公司的人 and  事, 點寫呀? #$%^&*() 有時想”小”公司D同事, 點寫呀? 

所以,今次 Blog entry 用中文寫, 至少有一部份人唔識睇.  (但 Google 有 Google Translate….$%^&*())

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Late Late Late

by on Sep.21, 2010, under Life, Work

It took me more than an hour to drop off Jayden and go to work today.  Normal drive time 25 min.

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World Cup and Work

by on Jun.22, 2010, under Life, Work

What do you do if your co-workers are watching the game online @ work?
1) Watch the game with them
2) Ignore them and keep working
3) Don’t want to watch the game but Internet is too slow to work….(Because your co-workers are watching the game and tie up all the bandwidth.


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This is my office parking lot

by on Jun.20, 2010, under Life, Work

This is my office parking lot at Sunday 5:30 PM.  “Police have confirmed that a pilot is dead after his plane crashed into a parking lot close to Buttonville airport”.  For more information, please see the toronto star

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